“Uniphore Unite” partner program launches to boost global AI and Automation Innovation

Uniphore Unite provides a variety of programs to complement each partner’s business model, including referral, resale, managed services, co-selling, and services, ensuring that this global community has the resources it requires to succeed.

Uniphore unleashes most comprehensive Conversational Automation platform

To change and democratise customer experiences, Uniphore’s complete Conversational Automation platform now integrates Conversational AI, workflow automation, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), low-code/no-code capabilities, and a business user pleasant UX.

Uniphore to acquire Jacada for enhanced customer experience

Uniphore will be the only vendor to provide proven low code/no code capabilities, best-of-breed voice and video AI, and many more features after the acquisition of Jacada and Emotion Research Labs.