IBM Cloud joins forces with Cloudflare against malicious bots

Cloudflare, Inc., has announced a significant expansion in its partnership with IBM Cloud Internet Services (CIS).

Cryptocurrency theft soars as malicious browser extension targets 30,000 users

Kaspersky, a cybersecurity company, has uncovered a recent Satacom campaign that utilizes a malicious browser extension to steal cryptocurrency from unsuspecting victims.

Summer scam alert: Vacation-related online scams on the rise

In May 2023, the period running up to summertime, 29,880 new domains related to holidays or breaks were created. This represents a 23% YoY increase

Infoblox uncovers DNS Malware Toolkit & urges companies to block malicious domains

Infoblox Inc., which provides a simplified, cloud-enabled networking and security platform for enhanced performance and protection, has published a threat report blog on a remote access trojan (RAT) toolkit with DNS command and control (C2).

Malicious WhatsApp mod hits Middle East users

Kaspersky researchers discovered a new malicious version of YoWhatsApp, a popular WhatsApp messenger mod. Popular for providing features not available in the official app, this mod spreads the infamous Triada mobile Trojan, which can download other Trojans, issue paid subscriptions, and even steal WhatsApp accounts.