Suspicious DGA Domains, Discovered in DNS, Turn up in Malware Campaigns

By detecting domains early, when we only know that they are suspicious based on our deep knowledge of DNS features and behavior, Infoblox is able to do exactly that. One of our newest patent pending algorithms, which searches for registered domains created by domain generation algorithms (DGAs), has been finding DNS infrastructure actors that support major efforts such as malvertising campaigns. While we don’t always know the “flavor” of the threats being spread via these networks, we can be highly confident in blocking them.

Spyware Dominates Cyber Attacks on Individuals in the Middle East

In a comprehensive analysis spanning from 2022 to 2023, Positive Technologies scrutinized cyber attacks targeting individuals in Middle Eastern nations.

Data breach cost reaches $4.2 million for financial firms

“The financial services sector has long been a target for bad actors who are following the cyber money trail into the cloud,” said Anthony James, VP of Product Marketing at Infoblox. “As the pandemic pushed IT infrastructures to rely on remote work, cloud-based technologies that enabled digital transformation also created soft spots for cyber criminals to exploit.”