Spectrami becomes sole distributor of Menlo for METNA region

With this ground-breaking partnership, Spectrami continues to help organizations’ navigate the journey towards secure digital transformation. Talking about the announcement, Anand Choudha, CEO at Spectrami.

Five basic principles for improved cyber hygiene in businesses

When it comes to basic cyber security, we should presume that nothing has changed. The same basic cyber hygiene principals, which are often the simple ones that are forgotten or overlooked, are still just as relevant. They should be kept front of mind to keep businesses – and their employees – safe.

VMware introduces delivery of elastic infrastructure for AI/ML apps

Organizations use hardware accelerators such as GPUs to dramatically improve the performance of AI/ML workloads that may run several hours or longer. IT teams have come to realize that these hardware accelerators are isolated islands—unable to be shared across many parts of the business.

Ahmed Auda, MD, METNA at VMware, discusses technology consultancy market

The rapid growth across diverse sectors, from financial services to healthcare, logistics and tourism, has led to a huge demand for top-level ICT-expertise. Fast growing organizations need to embrace transformation across their operations in order to thrive and to cater to their customers’ needs.

Six ways to build, run, manage and protect all applications

Organisations are in the midst of an application explosion. Irrespective of sector or audience, they are being defined by how fast they can deliver modernised apps and services that differentiate their business and enhance the user experience.