Sennheiser and Neumann highlights premium broadcast products at CABSAT 2021

Sennheiser and Neumann will demonstrate their audio solutions for all types and sizes of productions, with product highlights spanning from recently released mobile kits to classic microphones, headsets, and digital systems.

The top picks from Sennheiser for International Podcast Day 2021

Sennheiser’s wireless lavalier solution comprises not just the Smartphone Clamp and Mini Tripod but also a TRS-TRRS cable for connecting to smart devices. An attenuator is included to ensure optimal levels for mobile devices.

Sennheiser re-invents the MKE 400 – a compact shotgun mic

The new MKE 400 lets users experience how vastly it improves in-camera audio, lifting storytelling to the next level and wowing audiences. The latest version surpasses the original.