BUPA boosts DaaS delivery and multi-cloud readiness with Nutanix

Users noticed an immediate improvement in desktop performance, while Nutanix and Citrix worked behind the scenes to optimize the environment. Furthermore, with on-demand scaling and full end-to-end visibility from a single console, the entire system became much simpler and easier to manage. Support has also been simplified, with a single point of contact for all issues.

Gartner positions Nutanix as a leader for HCI Software

This recognition follows several important announcements from Nutanix setting the stage for the company’s vision for the future of IT, from the launch of Nutanix Clusters on AWS, the announcement of Nutanix Clusters on Azure.

Nutanix extends storage offerings to its hybrid cloud platform

The company continues to enable its technology to run in any cloud, while embracing a common operating model to streamline IT management and provide organizations the flexibility to run every application in the cloud of their choice.

Nutanix implements ‘Technology Fit for a King’ in the Bahrain Royal Court

Nutanix announced that the Royal Court in the Kingdom of Bahrain has implemented Nutanix Clusters that provide a highly available hybrid cloud Infrastructure for virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and critical end-user applications.