Post-covid surge in data storage leads to hefty bills for firms

At the start of the pandemic, the use of cloud collaboration services such as Microsoft SharePoint (the storage and sharing platform used by Office 365 and Microsoft Teams) increased dramatically. However, with very few collaboration tool providers offering options to archive files, many businesses are discovering that their data volumes and cost overruns are now spiraling out of control.

New digital habits emerging in post-Covid era

The post-Covid world brought about a whole new level of long-term changes in consumer habits and technology use on a daily basis. However, the most important factor that brands should be aware of and adapt to is the amount of time we spend online, which is currently at a global average of 7 hours per day.

5 SD-WAN trends in the post-COVID era

An SD-WAN allows IT departments to modernize the network to embrace digital transformation and increase the alignment of IT systems with business objectives. SD-WAN connections can indeed leverage cheaper and flexible internet and 5G/LTE connections and deliver end user quality of experience at the same level – and even better – than the previous WAN model based on backhaul.

Defining challenges that pandemic posed to IT service teams

With three-fifths of the workforce now working in a hybrid mode, managing IT assets (46%) and communication and collaboration (41%) have emerged as the biggest challenges.

2022 is F&B’s data wake-up call

Lockdown measures hit restaurant and bar operators hard and in turn they have had to think on their feet to maintain a semblance of their pre-pandemic revenue streams. Bouncing back is critical to the sector and the UAE F&B scene is has been well prepared thanks to a consistent demand for a wide range of quality leisure experiences and strong leadership.