Alexa Enhances Ramadan Experience with Localized Features

Amazon Alexa is enhancing Ramadan experiences for customers in the […]

Enhance your Ramadan vlogging experience with the Honor 70 5G & Honor X9a

With the latest vlogging features available on HONOR 70 5G & HONOR X9a, you can capture all the action, from Ramadan decorations, the family gathering to preparing a tasty recipe with a new perspective.

HONOR’s ‘Memories Together’ Ramadan campaign celebrates togetherness during the holy month

HONOR launches “Memories Together” Ramadan Campaign, which aims to foster a sense of togetherness and strengthen social ties

Report: UAE app purchases spiked during Ramadan 2022

Ramadan has once again proved to be a critical period for UAE organisations to capitalise on users’ growing preference for engaging with businesses via their mobile apps.

Short-form video app ‘Kwai’ launches in the UAE

Kwai encourages users in the UAE to be their true selves within communities of like-minded people, making content creation both inclusive and accessible