Sophos Reveals $1M+ Cryptocurrency Scam via Dating Apps

Sophos, a renowned cybersecurity-as-a-service provider, has unveiled startling revelations about a significant scam operation involving the exploitation of fake cryptocurrency trading pools, leading to a theft exceeding $1 million

Global Scam: 900 Fake Investment Pages Uncovered

Singapore-based global cybersecurity leader Group-IB, in collaboration with the UAE Cybersecurity Council, has released new research shedding light on a widespread fraudulent investment scheme targeting individuals worldwide.

Classiscam Scam Continues to Evolve and Target MEA

A global scam-as-a-service operation known as Classiscam is continuing to evolve and target users in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region.

Fake ChatGPT apps scam users out of thousands of dollars, Sophos reports

Sophos announced the discovery of multiple apps masquerading as legitimate ChatGPT-based chatbots in order to overcharge users and earn thousands of dollars per month.

5 indications you’ve been scammed, plus advice on what to do next

Without understanding the importance of the personal information being collected people are likely to go about their daily business blaming the lampposts for the adverts they see next week.