Tenable completes acquisition of Bit Discovery

Tenable Holdings, Inc., the Cyber Exposure company, has announced the completion of its acquisition of Bit Discovery, Inc. (“Bit Discovery”), a provider of external attack surface management solutions (EASM).

Mandiant expands SaaS platform capabilities

Mandiant, Inc. has announced the completion of the integration of Attack Surface Management into the Mandiant Advantage platform, according to a media release.The announcement follows the company’s acquisition of Intrigue in August 2021.

Four security vulnerabilities were found in Microsoft Office by CPR

CPR discovered vulnerable functions inside MSGraph. Similar code checks confirmed that the vulnerable function was commonly used across multiple different Microsoft Office products, such as Excel, Office Online Server and Excel for OSX.

Security vulnerability found in Qualcomm’s 5G chip

Qualcomm provides a wide variety of chips that are embedded into devices that make up over 40% of the mobile phone market, including high-end phones from Google, Samsung, LG, Xiaomi and OnePlus.