Beware! Attackers use COVID-19 vaccine lures to spread malware

As anticipated, Proofpoint researchers observed more attacks that leverage the COVID-19 vaccine news, such as approvals of the vaccine by world governments, logistics of vaccine deployment, and distribution of the vaccine to frontline responders and other individuals.

Addressing insider threats at financial institutions during remote work

Almost anyone can become an insider threat – all it takes is access to sensitive information, or simply access to the building where those resources are located, whether the individual works for the company or not. Former employees, consultants, board members, or current employees are good examples. So are janitors.

Phishing in a pandemic: How to combat social engineering attacks

More people are now working from home, and they are connecting back into the office from their home networks, and quite often, using their personal computers. Attackers are looking to target these users’ devices as a way into the corporate network or cloud. They attempt to lure unsuspecting victims into going to malicious sites.