Cryptocurrency theft scheme discovered by ESET

ESET Research discovered and investigated a sophisticated malicious cryptocurrency scheme that targets mobile devices running Android or iOS (iPhones).

Hackers are using Telegram as a remote malware distribution center story

The attacker first creates a Telegram account and a Telegram ‘bot.’ A Telegram bot account is a special remote account with which users can interact by Telegram chat or by adding them to Telegram groups, or by sending requests directly from the input field by typing the bot’s Telegram username and a query.

Inauguration violence casts shadow social media

As the U.S. heads into one of the most perilous phases […]

ESET Research reveals new Android spyware masked as Threema and Telegram

The new spyware, detected by ESET security products as Android/SpyC23.A, builds upon previously reported versions with extended espionage functionality, new stealth features and updated C&C communication.