Highly active APT campaign targeting cryptocurrency industry discovered

Researchers from Kaspersky saw an increase in the number of Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) actors focusing on the cryptocurrency sector in the second quarter of 2022. The actor behind this recent and intense effort, known as “NaiveCopy,” targeted South Korean stock.

Cybereason DFIR Solution contains cyberattacks in minutes

With forensics data added to the MalOp, security analysts have instant visibility into a broader range of intelligence sources, allowing for faster decisions and more efficient threat remediation.

Qualys offers free WAS to help organizations protect against Log4Shell

“Log4Shell is the most alarming vulnerability we’ve seen in the last decade and helping the community battle this unprecedented threat is at the forefront of our focus,” said Sumedh Thakar president and CEO of Qualys.

ESET Research discovers FontOnLake: Targeted malware targeting Linux in Southeast Asia

ESET Research has discovered FontOnLake, a targeted malware attacking Linux in Southeast Asia. The researchers identified a previously undiscovered malware family that targets Linux-based operating systems using unique and well-designed components.

With CyberKnight as VAD, RiskIQ Middle East grows 132% YoY

In late 2019 RiskIQ partnered with the value-added-distributor CyberKnight Technologies, and together they quadrupled the number of RiskIQ resellers across the region in 2020.