Falcon 180B AI Model Now on Amazon SageMaker

  In a groundbreaking achievement for the technology landscape in […]

TII appoints eminent technologist Dr Ray O. Johnson as CEO

Dr Johnson brings to his role over four decades of experience in global technology leadership, making strategic investments in disruptive technologies, and developing business strategies that resulted in several new billion-dollar lines of business.

TII’s SSRC to develop RISC-V-based flight computer system

SSRC develops innovative security technologies to protect potentially vulnerable systems in increasingly connected world, where cyber threat levels are rising. Through collaboration with international partners, also targets one order of magnitude improvements in performance and efficiency with respect to current flight computer systems based on commercial solutions, while delivering the reliability and security requirements needed by flight computer systems applications.

TII’s directed energy research centre partners with world-leading universities

The collaborations follow a series of rapid announcements at Technology Innovation Institute since the first Advanced Technology Research Council board meeting in August 2020. Directed Energy Research Centre is one of the initial seven dedicated research centres at Technology Innovation Institute. The strategic partnerships will advance breakthroughs across the field of directed energy and its sub-disciplines.

Abu Dhabi’s TII unveils UAE’s first secure cloud technologies programme

TII said that its secure cloud technologies programme aims to advance Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs), including fully homomorphic encryption (FHE), a form of encryption that permits users to perform computations on encrypted data without first decrypting it.