Why are cybercriminals increasing their focus on mobile devices?

A survey carried out in the last year revealed that almost half (49%) of organizations worldwide are unable to detect an attack or breach on employee-owned devices.

Most dangerous malware in December 2021: Trickbot, Emotet, and the Log4j Pandemic

Check Point’s ThreatCloud intelligence powers the Global Threat Impact Index and the ThreatCloud Map. ThreatCloud delivers real-time threat intelligence from hundreds of millions of sensors across networks, endpoints, and mobile devices.

Trickbot rebirths Emotet: 140,000 Victims in 149 countries in 10 months

Trickbot-infected PCs began distributing Emotet samples by encouraging users to download password-protected zip files containing malicious documents that are rebuilding Emotet’s botnet network. Emotet’s operations were updated with some new techniques added to the toolkit.

Hero to villain and loyal sidekick of the cybercriminal

Cybercriminals use a variety of techniques and attacks. Sometimes they want to be seen, they want to cause demonstrative damage, for example in Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on websites. Sometimes they want to distract attention from other attacks or just to test their skills, show their strength and make headlines.

Newest FortiGuard Labs shows tenfold rise in ransomware

According to FortiGuard Labs statistics, average weekly ransomware activity was more than tenfold higher in June 2021 than a year ago. Over the course of a year, this shows a continuous and overall steady increase.