Self-spreading stealer targets gamers on YouTube

Kaspersky researchers discovered an unusual malicious bundle (a collection of malicious programs distributed in the form of a single installation file, self-extracting archive, or other file with installer-type functionality) targeting gamers on YouTube

Hive, LockBit and BlackCat gangs consecutively attack the same network

Sophos, a global provider of next-generation cybersecurity, announced in the Sophos X-Ops Active Adversary whitepaper, “Multiple Attackers: A Clear and Present Danger”, that three prominent ransomware gangs, Hive, LockBit, and BlackCat, all attacked the same network at the same time.

Revenge RAT does most damage in UAE

Researchers have reported that Revenge RAT, a Trojan that targets the Windows platform, was the most prevalent malware in March 2022 while Emotet was in second place by impacting five percent.

Why are cybercriminals increasing their focus on mobile devices?

A survey carried out in the last year revealed that almost half (49%) of organizations worldwide are unable to detect an attack or breach on employee-owned devices.

Cisco finds that cryptomining malware affected 69% of customers in 2020

Among the DNS activity findings: users in 70 percent of organizations got malicious browser ads. Furthermore, 51 percent of organizations encountered ransomware-related activity. Another 48 percent found information-stealing malware activity.