The role of video and sensor tech in making Abu Dhabi & Dubai smart cities

The building of a high-speed Hyperloop transportation service between the emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi is one of the most intriguing smart city innovations taking place in the UAE. The Hyperloop, which would use sophisticated electromagnetic technology to travel a distance of 150 kilometres in under 12 minutes, would be an ecologically friendly means of transportation.

Axis Communications to participate at World Police Summit 2022

Multisensor and multidirectional cameras provide seamless 180° coverage with great detail and minimal distortion. With their seamlessly stitched images, multisensor cameras also eliminate blind spots.

5G – Ushering into a new era of intelligent video surveillance

Promising high performance and efficiencies, 5G is set to break new ground, transform the user experience, and enable innovative business solutions. Safety and security are of the top concerns globally, for both public and enterprises.

AR, VR, Video Analytics & Facial Recognition: Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

Are you adopting virtual reality as new gear for 2021? AR, VR, Face analytics, video analytics and image processing has revitalized the businesses & industry to take the shopping experience to a next level.