Close to 10m DDoS attacks launched in 2021: Study

The report details how the second half of 2021 established high-powered botnet armies and rebalanced the scales between volumetric and direct-path (non-spoofed) attacks.

D-Link Middle East strengthens business solution partner program 

For more than 20 years, the global provider of comprehensive solutions in Switches, Wireless, Storage, IP surveillance, Security, VoIP and Cabling products, has been operating through a channel-led model in the region.

Shure unveils MV7 Podcast Microphone in the UAE

With just a few taps, the touch panel control lets the user adjust the gain, headphone volume, monitor mix, and mute/unmute, with an option to lock customized settings.

EUN deploys Juniper Networks solutions to enable advanced learning

Egypt’s public education system is the largest across Africa, the Arab world and the Middle East, and nearly three million students are currently enrolled in Egypt’s universities.

Comcast Business joins forces with Aruba to launch Business Teleworker VPN

According to a study from Nemertes Research, the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted new ways of working, while triggering companies to be faster, more flexible and agile than ever before.