Key enablers of tech growth in 2022: Part II

There are multiple factors enabling the unprecedented growth of the ICT market across the globe. Each element is important to be analysed.

Lenovo rolls out versatile Yoga Tab 13 in the UAE

Lenovo has announced the release of the Yoga Tab 13 in the UAE, which offers a powerful audio-visual experience in a slim and elegant package.

MWC 2022: Cisco unveils new innovations to drive real business outcomes

Cisco has revealed specifics on its go-to-market plan for Cisco Private 5G in collaboration with partners, driving a new wave of productivity for organisations with mass-scale IoT adoption.

Linksys introduces Hydra Pro 6 an addition to its lineup of WiFi 6 routers

“The Hydra Pro 6 is our latest router in a suite of products that offer next-level streaming, are easy to set up and equipped with advanced security and parental controls,” said Harry Dewhirst, CEO, Linksys.

HUAWEI WiFi Mesh 3: Home high-speed WI-FI 6 Plus

The HUAWEI WiFi Mesh 3 is one of the fastest and most efficient routers on the market. The new router has been improved vastly from its predecessors, making it a great addition to any home.