Linksys brings best in class WiFi performance to home

Linksys has launched two new WiFi 6 mesh systems that are designed to provide optimal wireless performance for all at-home demands, including remote working, streaming video, multi-user gaming, and more.

Tamer Group finds in Aruba an ideal tech partner

In addition to being the official distributor for several global leading healthcare, beauty, and fast-moving consumer goods in the region, Tamer Group manufactures its own line of pharmaceutical products.

ECS unveils brand superior performance mini PC – LIVA Z3 & Z3E

The Intel Pentium &Celeron processors in the LIVA Z3 & Z3E provide up to 35 percent more processing power than the previous generation. They use eMMC 5.1 128GB storage and DDR4 dual-channel 16GB memory.

The 6G hype is already here!

The 6G network could potentially supersede the existing networks and facilitate the development of a completely new type of internet. 6G uses higher-frequency radio bands, speeds are expected to be much faster and the “latency” to be lower.

Bosch launches of the KTS 250 in the UAE

The new function of the compact Bosch KTS 250 diagnostic tester allows automotive businesses and experts to read out any mileage data stored at the vehicle’s different control units.