500 Startups closes $140M fund, rebrands as “500 Global”


500 Startups announced the closure of a $140 million global flagship fund, the firm’s largest fund to date, and increasing total assets under management to $1.8 billion. The business, now named 500 Global, has expanded its investing approach beyond the accelerator and seed stage.

The 11-year-old firm’s worldwide concept has paid off: 500 Global’s first global flagship fund has a net TVPI of 11x^, making it a top decile performer. Talkdesk, Canva, Bukalapak, Grab, Shippo, and other companies in the firm’s portfolio have a total worth of over $1 billion and more than 120 million dollars. More than 6,000 entrepreneurs from 77 countries have received funding from 500 Global.

“From the very beginning, our mission and investment thesis were anchored in the conviction that exceptional founders exist in all corners of the world. That led us to start investing in companies not just in Silicon Valley, but also in Latin America and East Asia in 2011, the Middle East in 2012, Africa in 2013, and Southeast Asia in 2014. That early conviction has resulted in an expansive, diversified global portfolio across many countries, sectors, and stages, with 46%  of the companies based outside of the U.S.,” says Christine Tsai, CEO and Founding Partner of 500 Global.

500 Global will continue to invest at the accelerator and seed stage and later stages of a company’s growth as part of its expanded investment strategy. The business has already begun to make larger investments in firms and lead or co-lead fundraising rounds and offer limited partners later-stage co-investment opportunities.

“Today, global startup ecosystems are developing at a pace that has never been seen before. As venture capital continues to globalize and the percentage of unicorns from outside the U.S. increases further, 500 Global is uniquely positioned with deep expertise and a strong track record of investing in markets around the world. We’re excited to expand our scope to back even more founders globally, from first check to last. Our new brand reflects this vision,” adds Tsai.

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