90 AI Apps Built Daily in 2023, Chatbots Dominate

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Snowflake’s latest report reveals a surge in the creation of AI applications, with an average of 90 apps built per day in 2023. The rise of chatbots, powered by large language models (LLMs), has been particularly notable, growing from 18 percent to 46 percent of total LLM apps by May 2023. This shift underscores a broader trend towards leveraging generative AI to enhance workforce productivity and efficiency.

Based on data from over 9,000 Snowflake customers, the report highlights a transition towards chatbots with natural language input, signaling a preference for conversational interfaces. Jennifer Belissent, Principal Data Strategist at Snowflake, emphasizes the ease of interaction with conversational apps and anticipates continued growth in this area.

Furthermore, the report reveals that Snowflake’s Streamlit community of developers has contributed significantly to this trend, with over 33,000 LLM apps developed in the past nine months. Python emerges as the preferred programming language for AI projects due to its accessibility and robust ecosystem.

The trend of developing LLM applications directly on data management platforms, such as Snowflake, has seen a notable uptick, simplifying development processes and reducing operational overheads. This aligns with the growing importance of data governance, as companies increasingly analyze unstructured data to uncover valuable insights while ensuring compliance and data security.

Belissent underscores the role of data governance in unlocking the value of data, emphasizing the pillars of knowing, securing, and using data effectively. With a focus on clean and protected data, organizations can confidently harness the power of AI to drive business innovation.

Overall, these trends reflect a broader shift towards modernizing organizations, embracing AI experimentation, and addressing data challenges. Belissent emphasizes the need for accelerated execution of data strategies to fully leverage the opportunities presented by advanced AI technologies.

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