Abu Dhabi’s Sanad Elevates Innovation with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

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Sanad, a global aerospace engineering and leasing solutions provider headquartered in Abu Dhabi and owned by Mubadala Investment Company PJSC, has embarked on a transformative journey with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). By choosing OCI, Sanad aims to streamline its core business operations and bolster agility, security, and compliance while ushering in a new era of user experience.

As the largest independent engine maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) center in the Middle East, Sanad boasts over three decades of operational excellence and partnerships with esteemed OEMs and airlines worldwide, including GE Aerospace, Safran Aircraft Engines, Rolls Royce, and major carriers like Etihad Airways and Emirates Airlines.

Kashish Kohli, Sanad’s Chief Financial Officer and SVP Leasing Division, emphasized the strategic move to OCI, stating, “Transitioning to the cloud aligns seamlessly with our expansion plans, optimizing resource utilization and enhancing overall efficiency and scalability. OCI empowers us to swiftly migrate critical applications, ensuring seamless business continuity and adaptability to our growth trajectory.”

Sanad’s migration of its Oracle E-Business Suite, pivotal for managing global finance, HR, MRO, SOA, supply chain operations, and customer service, underscores the company’s commitment to modernization and agility. By leveraging OCI’s flexible, secure, and high-performance infrastructure, Sanad aims to revamp its core business systems while complying with data residency regulations, utilizing Oracle’s UAE-based public cloud regions.

This strategic shift to OCI not only reinforces Sanad’s digital innovation strategy but also paves the way for consolidating operational systems, driving cost efficiencies, and accelerating the development of innovative services.

Nick Redshaw, Senior Vice President of Tech Cloud, Middle East and Africa at Oracle, praised Sanad’s forward-thinking approach, noting, “Sanad’s transition to OCI propels Abu Dhabi’s aerospace industry onto the global stage, fostering digital transformation and enabling rapid service delivery. OCI’s robust platform empowers Sanad to securely consolidate essential systems and expedite cloud-based service development.”

Sanad’s embrace of OCI signals a bold step towards digital transformation, positioning the company for sustained growth and leadership in the dynamic aerospace landscape.

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