Acer’s SpatialLabs View Pro 27: 3D Brilliance with Immersive Audio

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Acer has just introduced its most impressive glasses-free stereoscopic 3D display to date—the Acer SpatialLabs View Pro 27. This 27-inch marvel not only opens up a new world of immersive 3D experiences for creative professionals but also features the cutting-edge Acer Immerse Audio technology to enhance the overall visual-audio experience.

Unveiled in Dubai on November 9, 2023, the Acer SpatialLabs View Pro 27 redefines the way creators and developers bring their ideas to life in 3D, eliminating the need for specialized glasses or additional accessories. Powered by SpatialLabs’s proven stereoscopic 3D solution, this display is complemented by the new Acer Immerse Audio system, offering a suite of advanced developer tools to showcase creations in their truest 3D forms.

With its expansive 27-inch 4K panel, users can enjoy magnified, lifelike visuals while the ergonomic design and detachable hood ensure comfortable viewing even in low-light conditions.

The Acer SpatialLabs View Pro 27 boasts an expanded design that seamlessly integrates cutting-edge 3D technology and stereo real-time rendering capabilities. The optimized 3D display features an eye-tracking module for real-time user position and movement tracking, even in dim environments. Switch between 2D and 3D stereoscopic views with ease, thanks to the panel’s 27-inch 4K UHD display, 160 Hz refresh rate, 400 nits brightness, and Delta E< 2 color accuracy.

Enhancing the visual-audio experience, the Acer Immerse Audio system introduces an enveloping virtual headphone experience powered by AI. With beamforming directional acoustic signal transmissions and head-tracking mechanisms, the spatial audio from two upward-facing 2.5-watt speakers creates a completely immersive 3D experience.

The Acer SpatialLabs View Pro 27 is not just about impeccable 3D displays—it comes with the SpatialLabs Experience Center Pro, offering ready-to-use applications like SpatialLabs Model Viewer and add-ons for design software to accelerate workflows. Compatibility with rendering engines like Unreal and Unity, along with features like the Acer Steam VR bridge and OpenXR-compliant runtime, makes it a versatile tool for creators across various industries.

Displayed for the first time at the Immerse Global Summit (IGS) in Orlando, Florida, from October 17-19, the Acer SpatialLabs View Pro 27 (ASV27-2P) is set to be available in Q1 2024. Exact specifications, prices, and availability may vary by region, so contact your nearest Acer office for more details.

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