AI NPCs Debut, Redefining Interactive Storytelling

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During GDC 2024, Ubisoft pioneers the future of Non-Player Characters (NPCs) alongside NVIDIA, showcasing NEO NPCs, a groundbreaking advancement in interactive gameplay and storytelling.

Ubisoft’s innovative exploration delves into dynamic NPCs, leveraging cutting-edge generative AI technologies to create NEO NPCs. These advanced characters interact seamlessly with players, their surroundings, and other in-game personas, heralding a new era of immersive and dynamic storytelling.

John Spitzer, NVIDIA’s Vice President of Developer and Performance Technologies, emphasizes the transformative potential of AI in gaming, enhancing player experiences through increased dynamism and immersion.

Collaborating with leading GenAI technology partners, including NVIDIA and Inworld AI, Ubisoft’s multidisciplinary team brings NEO NPCs to life. Inworld’s Character Engine and LLM technology empower Ubisoft’s narrative team to craft intricate backgrounds, knowledge bases, and conversational styles for each NPC. NVIDIA’s Audio2Face technology enables real-time facial animation, enriching interactions with NEO NPCs.

Ubisoft showcases the capabilities of NEO NPCs through various demo scenarios, highlighting their nuanced behaviors, environmental awareness, and adaptive narratives. Guillemette Picard, Ubisoft’s SVP of Production Technology, underscores the transformative potential of Gen AI, enabling unprecedented player experiences and deeper immersion.

With NEO NPCs, Ubisoft seamlessly blends scripted elements with spontaneous player interactions, pushing the boundaries of game development and immersion. Leveraging Inworld AI technology, Ubisoft’s narrative team crafts unique characters like Bloom and Iron, each with distinct backgrounds and conversational styles.

Furthermore, NVIDIA introduces a new Game Ready driver for Horizon Forbidden West, enhancing the gaming experience with DLSS 3, DLAA, and Reflex technologies. This driver also supports DLSS 3.5 update for Portal with RTX, G-SYNC Compatible gaming displays, and new Optimal Settings, ensuring optimal performance and image quality for gamers.

The collaboration between Nvidia and Ubisoft marks a significant milestone in gaming, heralding the era of AI-driven digital humans and immersive gameplay experiences.

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