AI, RTX GPUs Transform Rooms Artistically

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In a recent weekly spotlight to illustrate the capabilities of NVIDIA Studio technology, NVIDIA highlighted the artistic achievements of 3D artist Nourhan Ismail. Ismail unveiled an imaginative creation titled “Creator by Day, Gamer by Night,” showcasing her distinct isometric style, characterized by vivid, lively colors and whimsical elements. This unique style is also a key feature in the NVIDIA Studio Sessions YouTube miniseries hosted by Ismail, where she offers detailed tutorials on crafting a low-poly bedroom from concept to final render.

Ismail’s artistic path began at age four, using art as a refuge from the armed conflict in her native Syria. Influenced by her father, an artist and fashion designer, she began exploring her artistic identity, eventually evolving into the notable single-room designs she is known for today.

“Starting with a single room, my work delves into interior design, creating spaces that embody the comfort and joy I longed for during tough times,” Ismail explains. “For me, overcoming adversity is a testament to the idea that beauty can arise even in the most difficult situations.”

Ismail’s process starts with gathering reference materials for inspiration, primarily using Blender for her initial 3D sketches. With the help of her GeForce RTX 3080Ti GPU and NVIDIA Studio drivers, she leverages Blender’s RTX-accelerated ray tracing capabilities to realize her artistic vision. While her models begin simply, Ismail carefully considers the angles of incoming light to effectively convey the desired emotional impact.

“Lighting is a key emotional component,” Ismail notes. “Each piece’s lighting invokes distinct feelings and a personal sense of introspection, offering a unique experience for every viewer.”

Once the scene and models are established, Ismail experiments with various camera angles to analyze shadows and lighting for the most striking effect. NVIDIA’s technologies play a crucial role here, enabling smoother, faster renders, allowing Ismail to focus on creativity without interruptions. The final enhancements are made in Adobe After Effects, where over 30 GPU-accelerated effects streamline the creative process.

Chantelle Tavid, Head of Marketing at NVIDIA MENAT, comments, “NVIDIA is dedicated to showcasing and supporting local artists and content creators in the region as effectively as possible. Watching Nourhan Ismail’s artistic growth and how she utilizes NVIDIA technology to actualize her concepts and artwork is inspiring. At NVIDIA, we are enthusiastic about our products being used for expressing innovative and bold ideas. Ismail’s work demonstrates a passion and understanding that deeply resonates with us.”

NVIDIA Studio drivers and GeForce RTX GPUs provide creators with extraordinary performance, enabling the rapid creation of 3D models and artistic works. With an expanding suite of applications optimized for GeForce RTX GPUs and free AI tools from NVIDIA, creators now have a broad array of resources to craft stunning works, limited only by their imagination.

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