AVEVA Launches Inaugural E3D Design Contest

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AVEVA, a prominent figure in the global industrial software arena steering digital transformation and sustainability, has initiated the inaugural AVEVA E3D Design Competition. This global challenge beckons participants worldwide to devise inventive solutions utilizing AVEVA’s E3D Design’s machine learning (ML) interface, addressing the unique business challenges within their organizations.

Renowned as the most advanced 3D design solution across various industries, AVEVA E3D Design facilitates robust visualization, clash-free multi-discipline 3D design, and expeditiously generates precise drawings and reports. This, in turn, diminishes costs, accelerates project timelines, and mitigates commercial risks for both greenfield and brownfield capital projects.

The competition serves as a prominent platform for engineering users of AVEVA software to exhibit their proficiency in artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) within the industrial applications sector. It not only accentuates the global talent pool but also showcases the most innovative applications of the solution. Participation is open to engineers in fields such as energy, oil and gas, chemicals, MMM (Minerals, Metals, and Mining), water, and marine.

Stephen Burrows, the R&D Director of AVEVA E3D Design, expressed, “This competition is crafted to spotlight the diverse applications of the solution in addressing business challenges and the ingenuity of the E3D community. I am consistently impressed by the exceptional capabilities, passion, and creativity demonstrated by users of AVEVA software.”

AVEVA E3D Design empowers engineers and designers to fashion solutions swiftly, efficiently, sustainably, and innovatively. The user-friendly machine learning (ML) interface facilitates the integration of AI/ML in designs, amplifying the capabilities of users in their endeavors.

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