Barracuda helps customers optimize access to email security data with AWS

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Barracuda Networks, Inc., a trusted partner and leading provider of cloud-first security solutions, announced today that Barracuda Email Protection is compatible with Amazon Web Services’ Amazon Security Lake (AWS). Barracuda Email Protection integrates email security findings from Amazon Security Lake. Both offerings, when combined, can reduce the complexity and costs for customers accessing their security data from an email security solution while also addressing a variety of security use cases such as threat detection, investigation, and incident response.

Barracuda Email Protection customers can use Amazon Security Lake to create a security data lake from integrated cloud and on-premises data sources, as well as private applications. With support for the Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OCSF) standard, Amazon Security Lake can help Barracuda Email Protection customers aggregate, manage, and extract value from log and event data in the cloud and on-premises, giving their security teams greater visibility across their organizations. Data analysts and engineers can easily build and use a centralized security data lake to improve the security of workloads, applications, and data by combining Amazon Security Lake and Barracuda Email Protection. 

“We’re very excited that Barracuda email security is integrated with Amazon Security Lake,” said Fleming Shi, CTO of Barracuda. “Customers that use Amazon Security Lake with Barracuda Email Protection will have optimal access to the data coming from their email threat vector which can provide timely and actionable signals to their existing security tools, ultimately achieving greater efficacy with threat detection and incident response.”

“We’re thrilled to announce Amazon Security Lake,” said Rod Wallace, General Manager for Amazon Security Lake. “Security Lake helps organizations aggregate, manage, and derive value from log and event data in the cloud and on-premises to give security teams greater visibility across their organizations. Analysts and engineers will now be able to store their Barracuda Email Protection logs and findings in Amazon Security Lake to improve their cybersecurity posture.” 

Amazon Security Lake is a data lake built in the customer’s account for security logs. The data lake is powered by an Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket and stores data in the form of Lake Formation tables. Barracuda Email Protection customers can use Amazon Security Lake to query that data in place or ingest the OCSF-compliant data to address additional use cases, allowing them to use their preferred security and analytics solutions. Visit for more information on how to use Barracuda Email Protection with Amazon Security Lake.

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