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Be Intelligent About Automation, Register for Blue Prism World

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Blue Prism has announced that registration is now open for its virtual annual conference taking place across three days with live and on demand sessions on May 18-20, 2021. If you are serious about implementing or scaling the best of enterprise-grade intelligent automation, register for Blue Prism World.

A recent whitepaper study by Knowledge Capital Partners brought some interesting facts into sharp relief. 

  • The potential of robotic process automation (RPA) is vast and largely unexploited.
  • In the aftermath of the pandemic it should be a business imperative to intensify automation efforts for future business resilience.
  • Typically, organizations do not think creatively enough around ‘intelligent’ automation and while efficiency returns are impressive, much of the enormous business value to be had from using robots is being left on the table.

It doesn’t have to be this way.  

Being creative with intelligent automation leads to strategic business gains in productivity, agility and competitive edge.  Automation has only just begun to show its full potential and is expected to add five percent, or $1.2 trillion, to U.S. GDP in the next five years.  

Registering for Blue Prism World will give you the opportunity to learn, to uncover resources and to be inspired to achieve true digital transformation.  Throughout the agenda, the sessions will link back to an overarching vision, which is to realise the agile enterprise of the future that thinks strategically about its ‘digital first’ approach, and one that seamlessly blends digital workers, human beings, and ever-evolving systems.  

By going virtual, Blue Prism World is now able to reach more people than ever before.  Find out more by visiting the event site.


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