Bybit & Oracle Red Bull Racing Unveil ‘Velocity Series’: Art Meets Racing Data

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Bybit and Oracle Red Bull Racing have joined forces to present the groundbreaking “Velocity Series,” an innovative digital art collaboration that merges the worlds of art and racing. This unprecedented initiative brings together Bybit, the world’s third most visited cryptocurrency exchange, the esteemed Oracle Red Bull Racing team, and a group of renowned digital artists.

The Velocity Series is the first-ever collaboration between an F1 team and a lineup of star digital artists who have earned widespread acclaim for their exceptional talent. Leading this series is the highly acclaimed Dutch artist, Rik Oostenbroek, renowned for his dynamic shapes and abstract forms across various artistic disciplines.

In partnership with AOI, a foundation for emerging art and technology, the Velocity Series consists of four releases coinciding with the Dutch, Japan, United States, and Abu Dhabi Grand Prix events throughout the 2023 Formula 1 season (dates may be subject to change). Each release features a range of NFT (Non-Fungible Token) collections, including a limited-edition NFT collection exclusively available to Velocity Pass holders and an open-edition sale accessible to the public.

Introducing an innovative concept in motorsport, the Velocity Pass is not only a dynamic work of art but also a premium NFT that evolves over the course of the season. This pass grants art enthusiasts front-row access to the unfolding narrative of the Velocity Series, offering a wide range of utilities and privileges.

At each of the four Velocity Series releases, pass holders will have the exclusive opportunity to participate in an NFT sale featuring the digital masterpieces crafted by the featured artists. Additionally, pass holders will receive complimentary open-edition NFTs at each release, enhancing the value of their collection. Moreover, the pass grants access to Oracle Red Bull Racing experiences and presents opportunities to win rare prizes from both Oracle Red Bull Racing and Bybit.

Caroline Buckland, Head of Fan Engagement from Oracle Red Bull Racing, expressed excitement about the collaboration, emphasizing that the limited-edition NFTs in the Velocity Series truly capture the essence of the team’s prowess and progressive performance, making them highly sought after by collectors and fans.

Anndy Lian, Head of Partnerships at Bybit, highlighted the significance of the Velocity Series as a unique opportunity to unite the creative talents of world-class digital artists with cutting-edge technology in the Web3 era. The collaboration allows both Bybit and Oracle Red Bull Racing to leverage their strengths, engage with their customers and fans, and promote creativity.

This groundbreaking collaboration represents a convergence of cutting-edge innovation and creative expression, providing art enthusiasts, collectors, and racing fans with a rare opportunity to engage with a remarkable fusion of art and racing data. For more details and updates on the Velocity Series, interested individuals can visit Bybit’s official website or follow Bybit and Oracle Red Bull Racing on social media platforms.

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