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New payout option by “MoneyFellows” to ‘Spend in Stores’ in partnership with “Waffarha”

“The partnership with “Waffarha” is a proactive step that leverages our strategy to make financial services that “MoneyFellows” provides easy and unique in a way that enables our users to actively achieve their goals through the Gam’eya module. We offer our customers opportunity to purchase what they need via Spending in Stores using their payouts.” Ahmed Wadi, CEO of MoneyFellows.

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Emakina becomes Logitech’s trusted performance commerce partner

It’s a new golden era for the consumer electronics category right now, accelerated by continuous digitalisation, the current work from home situation, and the soaring eSports industry. Our digital and growth marketing services will help Logitech tackle personalisation at scale and connect with their core audiences at local level, while remaining culturally relevant and accelerating brand growth through owned channels.

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Farmbox wins Fresh Produce Foodtech of the Year award

Pramendra Garg, CEO of United Trading Distribution, holding Division of Farmbox, said: “Our notable success story has inspired other players in food-tech market, both regionally and internationally. Our team was able to transform unique strengths and challenges into opportunities through their passion to deliver authentic farm-fresh experiences from farm to table on our engaging platform, alongside our customer-focused operations team”.

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Amazon’s MENA sustainability roadmap delivers first solar rooftop in the UAE

Starting on its sustainability journey, company inaugurated its first on-site renewable energy project in MENA – a solar rooftop at Amazon’s largest Fulfilment Centre in the UAE, DXB3. The 5,565-panel rooftop will generate on-site solar energy to power 60% of DXB3’s energy demands – the highest permitted capacity in the UAE. Project is estimated to save 4.6 million kilowatt-hours of energy annually.

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