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Amazon’s largest delivery station opens in Abu Dhabi

Amazon’s continued investment in the UAE prioritizes the safety and well-being of its employees, customers, and partners. The company has invested more than USD 15 billion in COVID-19-related measures worldwide, including the implementation of more than 150 significant process enhancements ranging from deep cleaning of facilities to processes that enable effective social distancing, among other things.

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Marius Ciavola - Chief Executive Officer - Tradeling - Marwan Ahmad Lutfi - Chief Executive Officer - Al Etihad Credit Bureau - AECB - credit facilities - UAE businesses - Techxmedia

AECB, Tradeling to offer better credit facilities to UAE businesses

This collaboration will positively empower the B2B platform to boost its participant’s businesses through facilitating credit facilities with attractive payment terms based on the extensive information provided in the credit reports and score. As a result, our credit reports and credit scores will not only help Tradeling make informed decisions but will also allow them to generate informed foresights and KPIs.

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Prakash Ramamurthy - Chief Product Officer - Freshworks - Freshworks CRM - e-commerce - Shopify App Store - Shopify - Techxmedia

Freshworks CRM for e-commerce now available on the Shopify App Store

Freshworks Inc., a software company that empowers the people who power businesses, announced that Freshworks CRM for e-commerce is now available on the Shopify App Store. The solution integrates with Shopify directly to provide its millions of merchants with a unified CRM that enables live conversational support, marketing, and sales wherever and whenever consumers want to buy online.

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Limitless 2022 - logistics - eCommerce - Industry-shaping trends - Logistics Tech Summit - Techxmedia

Limitless 2022: Industry-shaping trends in logistics, eCommerce revealed

Inaccurate address is a critical challenge in the Middle East that advanced technologies can help address. A report highlights that last-mile delivery failure rates range from 15% in the UAE to 40 per cent in Saudi Arabia leading to poor customer satisfaction and lost revenue. This means that more than USD 7.42 billion in e-commerce revenue in the Middle East could be affected by inaccurate addresses.

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