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DEWA for sustainable architecture development in Dubai through SDME

Solar Decathlon Middle East (SDME) organised by Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) supports Dubai’s ambitions to reach first place worldwide and maintain a globally leading position in sustainability, competitiveness and green economy. By implementing some of winning entries of first SDME in several properties in Dubai. SDME is a partnership between DEWA and the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy.

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MBRAS offers innovative solutions to address future challenges and stimulate scientists

The meeting, which convened the UAE’s leading scientific minds, several ideas to support development of scientific research, as well as concepts, initiatives, and projects to chalk out policies and programs were discussed. The meeting called upon the UAE’s scientists to present their ideas and challenges with proposed solutions, future plans, visions, and scientific initiatives to achieve national strategies and objectives.

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Emirates Mars Mission captures global images of Mars’ discrete aurora

Unique global snapshots of discrete aurora of Mars are the first time such detailed and clear observations have been made globally, as well as across previously unobservable wavelengths. Implications for our understanding of Mars’ atmospheric and magnetospheric science are tremendous and provide new support to theory that solar storms are not necessary to drive Mars’ aurora,’ commented Hessa Al Matroushi.

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Forum identifies prospects for driving future economic growth in Dubai

Major factors that aided Dubai’s response to the pandemic is commitment to digitalisation. Whether the Internet of Things or Fourth Industrial Revolution, Dubai has been at the forefront with latest technologies, which have benefited all sectors of economy – from retail to logistics to trade. Dubai’s leadership has been prioritising digital transformation and innovation many years before Covid-19 disrupted the world.

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Sarah Al Amiri Visits DSP as part of MoIAT’s effort to develop key industries

MoIAT seeks to stimulate innovative projects and industries with the aim of creating an integrated innovation ecosystem that contributes to consolidating the UAE’s global leadership in diverse areas. The country offers unparalleled facilities to support the growth of the industrial sector. Furthermore, it has leveraged its strategic geographical location to evolve into a regional logistics hub that provides easy access to multiple global markets.

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