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SAUDIA Airlines partners with GE Digital for digital transformation

SAUDIA anticipates benefits such as a reduction in records management overhead, time savings for engineering, easier data retrieval, optimization of the transfer of assets between the airline and other entities, and more. Also utilizing GE Digital’s Asset Transfer System to streamline and simplify the way leased-asset documentation is managed with lessors, MRO Connect, Workflow Management, and M&E Systems Integration.

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Helal Ismail - CAFU - techxmedia

Reimagining the future of automotive services and experience

The automotive industry has always been at the forefront of embracing new technologies and impacting how vehicles are built, operated, maintained, and repaired. Now and then, new technological features contribute towards enhancing the user experience of car owners. Almost all modern vehicles come with on board computer systems that control a range of functions and complex features advancing every year.

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Middle East and Pakistan based logistics platform Trukkin raises $7 Million

Ghassan Aloshban, GP at Emkan Capital, said: “Trukkin has exhibited incredibly efficient use of capital and we’re very impressed with what they’ve been able to achieve in such a short time frame. It’s core team with over 200+ years of combined industry experience have showcased their expertise in not only navigating but driving growth during the pandemic. We look forward to supporting Trukkin, in serving hundreds of corporate clients.”

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