Cisco and Splunk Launch Integrated Full-Stack Observability for Enterprises

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Cisco has announced the first groundbreaking integrations with Splunk, a newly acquired Cisco company, aiming to revolutionize full-stack observability for enterprises. By merging their leading observability technologies, Cisco and Splunk are set to enhance digital performance and security for customers, offering unified visibility across on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments with powerful real-time analytics for quicker and more accurate issue detection, investigation, and response.

 Unified Observability Experience and New Integrations

Building on the recent acquisition, Cisco and Splunk introduced several new integrations, including:

– Unified Observability Experience: Offering joint customers an integrated view for more efficient and accurate troubleshooting.

– Splunk Log Observer Connect for Cisco AppDynamics: Enhancing log analysis and troubleshooting across on-premises and hybrid environments.

– Cisco AppDynamics Integration with Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI): Providing seamless visibility and improved alerting to reduce blind spots and improve decision-making.

 Innovative Full-Stack Observability Solutions

Key innovations include:

– AI Assistant for AppDynamics: Delivering insightful guidance and faster decision-making through AI-powered assistance.

– Expanded AppDynamics SaaS Hosting on Microsoft Azure: Supporting multi-cloud strategies and regulatory compliance.

– Advanced AI in Splunk ITSI: Utilizing AI and machine learning for precise alerting and IT health insights.

 Comprehensive Visibility Across Digital Footprints

The new integrations allow organizations to gain unified visibility across their entire digital footprint, catering to various IT environments, including on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud. This holistic observability approach helps businesses meet unique IT needs and achieve faster Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR).

 Enhanced Efficiency and Troubleshooting

Cisco and Splunk’s unified observability products enable better efficiency and accuracy in managing traditional and modern applications across owned and unowned networks. New features like single sign-on (SSO) and context-aware deep linking streamline workflows and enhance productivity.

 Advanced AI-Driven Insights

With the new AI Assistant in AppDynamics and advanced AI capabilities in Splunk ITSI, IT teams can now benefit from dynamic, adaptive thresholds, optimized configurations, and proactive insights, reducing false positives and improving IT health monitoring.

 Expanding Observability Offerings on Microsoft Azure

The expansion of Cisco AppDynamics APM services to SaaS-hosted Microsoft Azure supports multi-cloud strategies, streamlines workflows, and ensures compliance with industry-specific regulations, minimizing cloud vendor lock-in.

 Customer Benefits

Tom Casey, SVP and GM of Products & Technology at Splunk, stated, “The integration of Splunk and Cisco observability solutions provides customers with comprehensive visibility across their digital environments, enabling faster problem resolution and smarter digital investments, ultimately driving business growth.”

 Key Announcements

 Unified Observability Journey

– New unified experiences: Streamline workflows and improve troubleshooting efficiency.

– Single Sign-On (SSO): Simplifies shared workflows between Cisco AppDynamics and Splunk.

– Context-Aware Deep Linking: Enhances productivity with seamless transitions between relevant logs.

 Environment Support

– Standardized approach: Ensures reliability across traditional and modern cloud-native environments.

– Combined technologies: Integrates Cisco AppDynamics APM and Splunk Observability Cloud for comprehensive visibility.

 Enhanced AI Capabilities

– Cisco AI Assistant: Empowers users with intelligent, personalized guidance.

– Advanced AI in Splunk ITSI: Provides precise alerting and actionable insights into IT health.

Stephen Elliot, Group Vice President & Analyst at IDC, noted, “Cisco and Splunk’s combined strengths, powered by Generative AI, offer a robust solution for achieving full enterprise observability.”

By integrating their observability technologies, Cisco and Splunk are poised to deliver unparalleled visibility and performance for enterprises, fostering a more resilient and efficient digital experience.

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