Cloudera Set to Unveil Cutting-Edge LLMs at GITEX 2023

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Cloudera, the renowned data company specializing in trusted enterprise artificial intelligence (AI), is excited to announce its participation at GITEX Global 2023 in collaboration with its partner, Digital Dubai, a government authority dedicated to advancing digital innovation and transformation. This marks Cloudera’s third consecutive appearance at GITEX Global Dubai. This year, Cloudera will spotlight AI and Sustainability, demonstrating its unwavering commitment to driving innovation and fostering collaboration with both public and private sector organizations.

Fostering Trust in Data for AI Excellence

Cloudera recognizes that AI lies at the heart of modern business transformation. Whether in the public or private sector, businesses must have confidence in their data to achieve success in AI deployment at scale. Trusting AI begins with trusting the underlying data. Cloudera empowers organizations to harness all their data, regardless of whether it resides in the public cloud or within their own data centers, ensuring that AI models are equipped with the necessary context to deliver tangible business value.

At GITEX 2023, Cloudera will unveil an LLM Chatbot enhanced with Enterprise Data, enabling companies to unlock even greater value from their data and excel in enterprise AI in a trustworthy, secure, and ethical manner. This innovation introduces generative AI based on large language models to companies. While publicly available AI services hold allure for enterprises, the challenge lies in creating interactive experiences around proprietary data without exposing it to external services. With Cloudera’s offering, businesses can develop their own AI applications powered by an open-source LLM of their choice, utilizing their own data, all securely hosted internally within the enterprise. This democratizes AI, empowering not only data scientists and ML teams but also all developers and lines of business.

Maximizing the Value of Data Assets

Numerous organizations seek assistance in extracting the full value from their data assets, which are often scattered across diverse cloud and on-premise environments. Cloudera’s Open Data Lakehouse enables customers to unlock the latent potential of their data, regardless of its location. Modern data architectures allow organizations to optimize cloud costs while preparing their data for both current and future AI advancements.

A recent Cloudera study revealed that 86% of Middle East IT decision-makers plan to migrate more data to the cloud in the next three years, yet 90% intend to repatriate some data to their own data centers during the same period. This shift from a “cloud-first” to a “workload-first” approach underscores the critical importance of workload analytics in determining the most suitable environment.

Leveraging Data for a Sustainable Tomorrow

In the Middle East, the demand for sustainability has reached unprecedented levels, with data insights and hybrid data-cloud solutions emerging as pivotal tools for achieving a greener and more sustainable future. Cloudera recognizes the transformative potential of data-driven approaches in various domains, including energy, supply chain management, waste reduction, and transportation.

Initiatives such as intelligent metering in Dubai, energy-efficient buildings in Saudi Arabia, and supply chain traceability in the UAE exemplify how data-driven practices can lead to significant environmental impact, efficiency gains, and cost savings. Cloudera empowers organizations to collect, analyze, and act upon data insights, promoting transparency and accountability and enabling consumers to make more sustainable choices.

Furthermore, Cloudera will unveil the second part of its Evolve Data Study conducted in May 2023. This study delves into the role of data in digital transformation projects and how organizations can gain a competitive advantage by harnessing data cost-effectively.

Karim Azar, Regional Vice President, Middle East & Turkey at Cloudera, remarked, “As a prominent technology expo, GITEX provides an excellent platform for Cloudera to showcase its keen interest and commitment to innovation. These exhibitions offer a superb opportunity to engage with people, demonstrate Cloudera’s capabilities, nurture relationships with partners and customers, and, importantly, fuel innovation in the tech sector at GITEX 2023.”

Cloudera extends a warm invitation to all GITEX Global 2023 attendees to visit their booths in Hall 16, located at numbers H17-B30/H16-B10, and engage with their experts to delve deeper into these critical topics.

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