Cyfirma to curb cybercriminals across ME with Tech First Gulf

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CYFIRMA, an external threat landscape management platform company, has introduced a variety of external threat visibility platforms for Middle East-based businesses, signaling a move that will equip regional enterprises with the tools needed to combat emerging and existing cyber threats.

According to research published in the Global Risks Report 2022, ransomware attacks increased by 435% and malware attacks increased by 358% during the pandemic. These attacks have been increasing at such a rapid pace that societies have been unable to keep up and effectively prevent or respond to them.

“We believe to stay ahead of today’s threats, businesses need to know how attackers view their targets. We use our expertise in AI, cyber-intelligence and offensive security to build DeCYFIR and DeTCT so defenders can discover gaps, assess risks, and improve their security posture, all by simply keying in their domain names into our platforms,” said Kumar Ritesh, Founder & CEO at CYFIRMA.

“CYFIRMA’s external threat landscape management platforms will give defenders the advantage of gaining deep insights into their adversaries and be better prepared to thwart attempts at intellectual property theft, corporate espionage, civil disruption and other malicious agendas,” Ritesh added.

Exclusive Interview: Shadi Dawi, Chief Program Director, TECHx with Kumar Ritesh, Founder & CEO Cyfirma

DeCYFIR is an external threat visibility management platform that can combine cyber intelligence with attack surface discovery, vulnerability intelligence, brand intelligence, situational awareness, and digital risk protection – all from a single pane of glass. The platform automatically correlates and attributes threat actors to motive, campaign, and method, assisting organizations in forecasting cyberattacks against them.

DeTCT is a cutting-edge digital risk protection platform that assists customers in identifying and monitoring for vulnerabilities and potential attack vectors, as well as developing an understanding of data leaks and breaches and the risks posed by third parties. Businesses can also use DeTCT to protect their brand and reputation by detecting plagiarism and identity theft.

“We are truly excited about this collaboration and introducing this cutting-edge technology to businesses in the Middle East. These two platforms will now enable security experts to promptly discover imminent gaps, assess potential risks, and significantly improve their security. This will ultimately lead to enhanced business performance, boost productivity and inspire innovation across key departments,” said Sudhanshu Saroha, Director, Tech First Gulf.


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