Dell and NVIDIA Expand AI Factory to Boost AI Adoption

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Dell Technologies is enhancing its Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA, introducing advanced server, edge, and workstation solutions to speed up AI adoption and innovation.

“Organizations are swiftly embracing AI opportunities, and our collaboration with NVIDIA is crucial,” stated Michael Dell, founder and CEO of Dell Technologies. “By expanding the Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA, we are facilitating easier AI implementation, enabling organizations to confidently step into the next technological era.”

“Generative AI demands a new computing infrastructure—an AI factory producing intelligence,” remarked Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA. “Together, Dell and NVIDIA provide industries with a comprehensive stack—including computing, networking, and software—that powers copilots, coding assistants, virtual customer service agents, and digital twins for enterprises.”

Transforming Data into Insights with Dell AI Factory and NVIDIA

The Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA combines Dell’s AI portfolio with NVIDIA AI Enterprise software, supported by NVIDIA Tensor Core GPUs, Spectrum-X Ethernet networking, and Bluefield DPUs. Customers can choose tailored or pre-validated full-stack solutions for accelerated AI use cases like RAG, model training, and inferencing.

Key Advancements

Enhanced Compute Power for Large-Scale AI Deployments

Dell PowerEdge XE9680L: This high-performance server supports eight NVIDIA Blackwell GPUs in a compact 4U form factor, offering the highest rack-scale density for NVIDIA GPUs in a standard x86 rack—33% more GPU density per node, 20% more PCIe Gen. 5 slots, and double the network expansion capacity. Equipped with direct liquid cooling (DLC), it improves efficiency and will be available fully configured for rack-scale deployments and onsite installation.

Turnkey Rack-Scale Solutions: Dell introduces air-cooled and liquid-cooled rack solutions supporting 64 and 72 NVIDIA Blackwell GPUs respectively, speeding up time to value for large GPU-accelerated deployments.

Accelerating Edge AI Applications with Dell NativeEdge

Dell NativeEdge: This platform automates the delivery of NVIDIA AI Enterprise software, enabling quick and accurate edge data analysis with deployment blueprints for NVIDIA Metropolis video analytics, Riva speech and translation capabilities, and NIM inference microservices.

Simplifying AI Development and Deployment

Dell Generative AI Solution for Digital Assistants: This solution speeds up the deployment of digital assistants, providing a personalized self-service experience with a full-stack Dell and NVIDIA solution. Implementation Services aid in designing, planning, testing, and scaling the solution.

Full Stack Deployment Automation: Collaboratively engineered with NVIDIA, this reduces the time to value by up to 86% compared to DIY approaches. Combined with NVIDIA NIM inference microservices, it further shortens the time from delivery to inferencing jobs.

Dell Accelerator Services for RAG on Precision AI Workstations: These services shorten AI development cycles and enhance AI application performance through tailored large language models using RAG on Dell Precision workstations with NVIDIA AI Workbench.

With these advancements, Dell Technologies and NVIDIA are poised to drive AI adoption across industries, providing robust and simplified solutions for various AI applications.

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