Dell Telecom Solutions Speed Network Cloud Transformation

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Dell Technologies has unveiled new solutions aimed at aiding communications service providers (CSPs) in their journey towards network cloud and operational transformation, fostering enhanced economics and agility while upholding network reliability.

Leveraging decades of expertise in digital transformation and robust industry collaborations, Dell is crafting telecom solutions to mitigate risks, enabling CSPs to streamline deployment, automate operations, and simplify support and lifecycle management of disaggregated network cloud infrastructure.

Dennis Hoffman, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Telecom Systems Business at Dell Technologies, emphasized the critical role of installing the cloud infrastructure platform as the initial step in network cloud transformation. This involves addressing the complexities of people, processes, and technologies, drawing upon Dell’s technological prowess and extensive experience in cloud transformation to forge ecosystem partnerships with communication service providers worldwide.

The centerpiece of Dell’s offerings is the Dell Telecom Infrastructure Automation Suite, a software suite designed to automate the orchestration and lifecycle management of multi-vendor network cloud infrastructure on a large scale. Grounded in open standards and APIs, the Automation Suite seamlessly integrates into networks, offering CSPs the flexibility to deploy and manage diverse infrastructures across distributed, multi-vendor environments.

Key features of the Automation Suite include:

  • Substantial time savings in configuration and provisioning through declarative automation.
  • Infrastructure discovery and automation down to the network’s infrastructure layer, facilitated by open APIs and Dell services.
  • Comprehensive telemetry providing insights into equipment performance to enhance AI-driven decision-making in network operations.
  • Proactive, predictive support and tailored services to meet individual customer requirements.

Anthony Goonetilleke, Group President of Technology and Head of Strategy at Amdocs, commended the integration of Amdocs Service Management and Orchestration with Dell’s Automation Suite, offering zero-touch deployment of the RAN and simplifying network management at scale.

Additionally, Dell’s Telecom Infrastructure Blocks for Red Hat, a fully engineered hardware and software solution, now boasts enhanced capabilities including support for 5G core workloads at the network edge and integrations with the Automation Suite to manage multi-vendor environments seamlessly. Dell Technologies Certification on Infrastructure Blocks ensures compatibility and support for various software and workloads.

Globe Telecom, in partnership with Dell, has leveraged Dell Telecom Infrastructure Blocks for Red Hat to accelerate deployment, enhance operational efficiency, and streamline validation of hardware and software compatibility across their multi-vendor network.

These solutions are set to be globally available in April 2024, marking a significant step forward in enabling CSPs to navigate the complexities of network cloud transformation with confidence and efficiency.

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