DIFC based hospitality group Lab Holding launches two new tech food startups


DIFC based hospitality group Lab Holding launched two new tech food startups. The Lab Holding, a new DIFC based hospitality group inception for the inception of 3Fils, Brix, Kanji, Stranger Wings and Hoa Poke, announced the same via its startup studio. Debuting with robust industry expertise, The Lab Holding plans to serve an ecosystem of Hospitality and food technology solutions, aiming to solve the challenges faced by businesses in the F&B and technology sector.

With a wealth of knowledge of the F&B industry The Lab Holding intends to become one of the regional leaders in holding avant-garde digital and physical assets.Working with passionate entrepreneurs of the future to create a multi-million dollars portfolio, the company looks to further expand its regional expertise in the Food Tech sector in the next 5 years.

The Lab Holing aims to serve the venture building and growth  market by leveraging the expertise of its Startup Studio’s members to reduce original risk of revenue and duplication of cost and resources for start-ups. In addition, by serving as an ecosystem that allows companies and partners to showcase its products and test the market, as well as providing the resilience of adapt fast to market feedback.

Its vision to help serial entrepreneurs locally and internationally to scale fast and test as many products as possible in 6-9 months in the local market. This will truly encapsulatethe organization’s philosophy to create a space where people can enjoy the ultimate experimenting and innovating experience.

To further its commitment, The Lab Holding carries these mission-driven ventures under its umbrella, including a diverse mix of F&B start-up companies; each of its divisions, digital and traditional, feed each other’s success. The Lab Holding plans to expand the breadth of its partnership to other organizations with shared values in the future.

“During the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020, Foodtech solutions became indispensable, and launching businesses in the digital sector that adapt quickly with the forced change behavior of the masses could not be ignored. The Lab Holding looks forward to the future as it showcases its knowledge and experience of the market by creating solutions for companies and consumers alike.” said (Ahmed) CEO of the Lab Holding,

Dubai is increasingly becoming a cosmopolitan culinary destination. Dubai ranked number 4 on the GDCI scale in 2018 with the highest average spend per day globally by its visitors at $553, compared to Paris at $296 and Singapore at $272. As for the local population, over 50% of them prefer quality and value as well as being health conscious than ever before.

“The initiation of F&B / Hospitality focused startup studio will help small ventures get established and implement their business strategy effectively, efficiently by leveraging the internal compiled expertise of its members and provide minimum risk to investors” says Tarek Taji, the portfolio manager at The Lab Holding.

The amount of funding that is going towards Food-tech ventures post Covid era is only going to expand, unlocking a new wave of innovation and constructive disruption in the F&B sector.

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