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Interview with Dr. Najeeb – Director of Operations @Interdev Technology

Interdev has been around for 21 years in the UAE market as a system integration company. What are your views about the current situation?

We all know, as we are living through it, this year has been a year of pain and agony for the humanity at large. 

Having experiences in both IT industry and medical profession I see both end of this paradox. On one side I see a mounting medical pressure this malicious pandemic has brought to our life. On the other the much devastating damage caused, to industry, economy and to the human minds, by the stringent control measures devised to tame the beast. A trade off which is extremely difficult to decide on. The scale of disruption COVID-19 has already inflicted can only be compared to previous world wars and other major pandemics that happened in the history like plague and Spanish flu.

Many countries around the world put their people under the blanket of panic as a measure to protect them. But few nations came out with more judicious and balanced approach in their fight against COVID-19. 

Thankfully, as always expected, we can proudly count UAE as one among them. 

And we, at Interdev Technology, have been supporting this nation in its great endeavor of sustaining its economy during this crisis. We are doing our part by heroically serving our customers while paying due respect to the social control measures introduced by the nation time to time 

What can small and medium business owners do for sustainability and how can Technology assist with it?

Like any disruption that happened in the past this as well is going to bring about some macro levelling and restructuring in the word. There will be new norms and normal in our social and technological behavior in every aspect.  

If you notice, business continuity has become the utmost priority for business owners in current times and that’s the first and foremost strategy they need to focus on, to ensure business survival. Without business continuity, survival will become a challenge. The key is look very closely at your digital infrastructure and transform as per the changing times, get digitally ready, look out for options which help you to be equipped to face uncertainties like COVID in future. Checking the digital readiness checkbox is needed now more than ever for businesses. 

We at Interdev stand in complete solidarity with you in this crisis and pray believe we all can get back to normalcy as soon as possible with the best of health and frame of mind. In our 21 years of legacy in the UAE IT industry, we have faced many challenges in the past but have come out of it strongly with effective communication, teamwork and constant motivation from the leadership team.

With the help of our partners, we are assisting business owners with necessary tools so they can run their business effectively and ensure all departments are functional. Technology is the backbone of any industry or business and it is one of the essential supplies in the business world. This is the time to strengthen your IT infrastructure and IT capabilities and not push it for future. 

Please share some tips as to what business owners can immediately focus on, to assist their remote workforce and for execution of important tasks.

Sure, there are quite a few things that business owners can look at implementing.

1. Check your Work from home compatibility – Look at VC solutions and monitoring tools to ensure productivity and efficiency

2. Strengthen your Remote Data Access capabilities

3. Regular Security checks and auditing 

4. Server hardening to avoid security threats 

5. Go for secure Cloud

6. Keep training your team for more technical competency 

7. Reduce cost by outsourcing IT maintenance to AMC providers 

8. Make your website compatible for digital transactions, if applicable

Most of all, keep your team motivated!

How is Interdev assisting its customers in the current scenario being a technology provider?

We are constantly checking in on our customers to make sure, their IT is seamless, and issues are addressed timely. Our team is working round the clock to provide 24 X 7 support to customers. We are also conducting important webinars, training sessions regularly with helpful topics for our clients and business owners. 

Our 20+ years of expertise in the IT industry has helped us serve many industries for their technology needs and we continue to do so with the same integrity and rigor. Also, we have been receiving continuous requests from our existing client base for tech solutions and support for this unforeseen pandemic event, which many were not prepared for. 

Also, keeping in mind the current economic situation, we are providing tailor-made technology solutions at minimal budgets for businesses to run their business effectively and concentrate on business continuity. As mentioned earlier, our teams are working round the clock to make sure, issues are addressed timely, that’s most important. 


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