du and Dubai’s RTA showcases Digital Twin at GITEX Global 2022

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du, from Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), has partnered with Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA) for fixed, ICT, special projects and long-term technical support.

 The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed by Mohammed Yousef Al Mudharreb, CEO, Corporate Technology Support Services Sector, RTA and Fahad Al Hassawi, Chief Executive Officer at du at GITEX Global 2022. As part of the agreement, du will collaborate with RTA to enhance its fixed and mobile services and deliver the Digital Twin solution in Dubai Metro and additional mixed reality technologies.

Du has delivered a cutting-edge showcase at GITEX 2022 with the theme “Powering governments, Shaping The Emirates Reality,” showcasing cutting-edge technologies including 5G, IoT, AI, metaverse, and robotics. The Digital Twin solution from du and RTA uses cutting-edge IoT, telecoms, and extended reality technologies to show how digital twinning should be done in the metaverse era.

Both entities will empower a fully embedded fixed mobile telecommunications system across Dubai’s transportation network with the initial phase of the project focusing on Dubai Metro. The data-rich digital twin can provide network operators with in-the-moment analysis, predictive insights, and maintenance data for all crucial components of Dubai’s transportation system.

Using the bespoke sensor equipment, the Digital twin will catch errors, allow data to be read from any asset in the cloud and examine it in real time. Physical assets like escalators, screen doors and point machines can be observed via sensors connected directly to a private 5G network where faults and predicted data anomalies are detected in real-time using AI.

Speaking about the agreement, Mohammed Yousef Al Mudharreb, CEO, Corporate Technology Support Services Sector, RTA said “The role of digital technologies is undergoing an accelerated transformation, from being a driver of efficiency to an enabler of innovation and positive transformation. Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority is looking forward to further promoting innovation and improving communication techniques to make urban futurism a reality. We are pleased to collaborate with du in this distinguished partnership that allows us to introduce innovations to refine commuter journeys and offer unparalleled opportunities for value creation in Dubai’s public transport sector.”

Fahad Al Hassawi, Chief Executive Officer at du said “du’s long-standing partnership with RTA prioritizes digital transformation initiatives given the potential for a significantly higher value to be created for the UAE. Our Digital Twin solution is more than a gateway to the metaverse, it also brings important social and environmental benefits by harnessing technology to improve the efficiency of public transport and help to reduce energy consumption and emissions.”

Although the use of digital twin technology was previously limited, the UAE now has access to this reality because of du’s 5G Private Mobile Network’s low latency and fast speeds. As part of a joint effort with GM Cruise, du will also use its 5G network to connect self-driving cabs, deploy digital twin technology in RTA trains and warehouses, and provide data centre and cloud services. RTA will soon be able to provide a top-notch, hassle-free experience thanks to this.

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