Entrust advances e-signature solution with Evidos acquisition

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Evidos has been acquired by Entrust. Entrust’s acquisition strengthens its position as a global player in the $2.3 billion market for verified electronic signatures, which is a critical component of digital transformation

The deal’s terms were not disclosed. Evidos, based in the Netherlands and launched in 2008, has roughly 35 people, including co-founders Kick Willemse and Zivko Lazarov, who will join the Entrust team as part of the acquisition. With over 2,000 customers and millions of users of its solutions, Evidos boasts innovative technology and a large company in Europe.

Entrust, as a global digital security leader, offers a one-of-a-kind portfolio that comprises e-signature workflow, PKI, hardware security modules (HSMs), digital certificates, signing servers, and timestamp authority, among other things (TSA).

 “Security empowers enterprises to transform with confidence. Digital life demands that organizations provide trusted digital-first transactions, from opening bank accounts to applying for government services. Our intention at Entrust is to be a global player in digital signature solutions, built on a platform of security and trust.” said Todd Wilkinson, CEO of Entrust

He added, “Evidos has a talented team that has built successful solutions for small businesses to large enterprise and government customers, and we are excited to work with them to accelerate the growth of Entrust in the e-signature market.”

All-digital workflows for authenticating identities and executing compliant, trustworthy documents are simple to implement with the Evidos solution. This is great for transactions requiring trust and benefiting from streamlined digital operations, such as finance, banking, real estate, and the workplace.

“Our mission at Evidos has always been to make identified signing available anytime, everywhere, for anyone, to contribute to a trusted digital world. Joining Entrust will accelerate this mission on a global scale and empowers our electronic signing platform with trusted digital security solutions from Entrust,” said Kick Willemse, CEO of Evidos

Evidos’ cloud-based electronic signature workflow solutions will be combined with Entrust’s secure certificate-based digital signature solutions. Entrust now offers customers end-to-end, cloud-based electronic signature solutions, including basic, advanced, and certified electronic signatures. These solutions will ensure that documents signed using this offering will ensure the identities of the signers and be visible if altered in transit, thanks to a complete, eIDAS-aligned procedure that takes the user from start to finish in their e-signature journey.

“We are excited about our acquisition of Evidos. Looking at the opportunities ahead, Entrust will continue to enhance its electronic signature and digital signing capabilities to provide the most seamless customer experience and the highest levels of security and compliance as businesses migrate to digital workflows,” said Sam Morcos, Senior Vice President, Certificate Solutions at Entrust

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