Epicor Launches AI-Driven Supply Chain Solutions

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Epicor, an industry-specific enterprise software company, unveils its latest innovation: the Epicor Grow portfolio. This suite of AI and BI tools, tailored for supply chain industries, promises to revolutionize operational efficiency.

At the Epicor Insights 2024 conference, the company introduced the Epicor Grow portfolio, signaling a new era in ERP software for supply chain professionals. With a focus on practical AI applications, this suite offers over 200 industry-specific use cases, empowering users with tailored insights for smarter decision-making.

Vaibhav Vohra, Epicor’s Chief Product & Technology Officer, highlights the importance of applying AI to real-world business challenges. The Epicor Grow portfolio delivers on this promise, providing intuitive tools for leveraging high-quality data and streamlining workflows.

Key features of the portfolio include:

1. Epicor Prism™: A cutting-edge AI service embedded in the Epicor Industry ERP Cloud, offering contextual insights and task automation within the ERP platform.

2. Epicor Grow AI: Practical AI capabilities, including predictive analytics and personalized recommendations, designed to address industry-specific needs.

3. Epicor Grow Inventory Forecasting: Predictive analytics and scenario modeling for optimized inventory management.

4. Epicor FP&A: Deeply embedded Financial Planning and Analysis tools for comprehensive financial reporting.

5. Epicor Grow BI: User-friendly BI technology for data visualization and analysis, with seamless integration with other BI tools.

6. Epicor Grow Data Platform: A centralized, no-code platform for efficient data management and analysis.

With the Epicor Grow portfolio, supply chain professionals can harness the power of AI to drive efficiency and competitiveness in today’s market landscape.

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