Etisalat by E& Achieves Global Milestone in 5G mmWave Deployment

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Etisalat by E& has proudly unveiled a groundbreaking achievement in the global telecommunications industry. They have successfully conducted a pilot deployment of mmWave technology spanning over a remarkable distance of 10 kilometers. This significant milestone lays the foundation for the emergence of commercial 5G private networks, thereby expediting the digital transformation journey for both customers and businesses.

The deployment of the 5G mmWave network, specifically operating in the FR2 spectrum, aligns perfectly with Etisalat by E&’s vision of delivering cutting-edge technologies to society. This deployment marks a global first, as it showcases 5G operating on mmWave at the 26GHz frequency (FR2) over a vast 10-kilometer range while maintaining exceptionally high speeds. This step addresses the pressing demands of consumers and enterprises for a solution that not only adheres to stringent data security standards but also offers a reliable and secure means to handle substantial data loads.

The mmWave spectrum, typically denoting frequencies above 24GHz, offers immense capacity, ultra-high throughput, and ultra-low latency. These characteristics make it highly versatile for various applications, serving both consumers and enterprises alike. This achievement exemplifies how 5G networks can support data-intensive scenarios, enabling seamless video streaming and real-time data transfers across a defined geographical area. Consequently, it paves the way for the digital transformation of industries that operate over extensive territories.

Marwan Bin Shakar, Senior Vice President of Access Network Development at Etisalat by E&, expressed their commitment to unlocking the full potential of 5G networks and pushing the boundaries to redefine connectivity. This milestone is particularly significant in light of the exponential increase in data demand, highlighting its pivotal role in enhancing network capacity. Etisalat by E&’s collaborations with technology leaders have played a vital role in setting industry benchmarks and delivering advanced solutions, meeting the digitalization requirements of customers and facilitating a faster time to market.

This achievement holds great promise for 5G network subscribers, particularly those utilizing Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), who can now enjoy an experience akin to fiber-optic connectivity through a wireless network. Furthermore, it accelerates the adoption of 5G private network technology across various sectors, including oil and gas, public safety, healthcare, manufacturing, and more. These sectors can leverage on-premise hosted Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) to maintain complete control over their user data and apply enterprise-specific data and security policies within a private 5G network environment.

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