EuroTech ME Acquires IO21 for Cutting-edge Software Solutions

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EuroTech ME, a prominent player in IT services, AV, and security solutions within the region, has officially declared the complete acquisition and takeover of its sister company, IO21, renowned for its cutting-edge software and technological services. This strategic maneuver underscores EuroTech ME’s unwavering commitment to expanding and elevating its comprehensive suite of solutions.

Michael Andersen, Founder & CEO at EuroTech ME, expressed his pride in the acquisition, considering it a significant milestone that reinforces their dedication to the region. “Integrating IO21’s expertise into the EuroTech ME portfolio not only diversifies our service offerings but also solidifies our standing as a premier provider of innovative technology solutions. This move reflects our steadfast commitment to investing in top-tier tools and services and supporting the technology sector’s growth in the region.”

Hailey Yoon, Former Co-Founder and CTO at IO21, conveyed her excitement about the acquisition, stating, “I’m thrilled about our acquisition by EuroTech ME. This marks a new era of growth and limitless possibilities for IO21’s innovative software solutions across the entire technology spectrum.”

EuroTech ME is pleased to announce that 70% of IO21’s skilled staff will remain on board post-acquisition. These talented professionals are poised to significantly enhance EuroTech’s operations, as they become integral parts of the technical and marketing departments, playing a crucial role in business development. Their primary focus will be to strengthen EuroTech’s IT support services, thereby augmenting the company’s overall capabilities.

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