Exploring Tech’s Future at IDC Saudi Arabia CIO Summit 2023

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The IDC Saudi Arabia CIO Summit 2023, themed ‘Enabling the Digital Economy’s Leaders,’ promises an immersive experience. With 50+ industry experts, it offers insights on tech innovation, sustainability, and cybersecurity. Unique networking opportunities and a special guest speaker, Raha Moharrak, make this summit a must-attend for tech enthusiasts. 

In a recent interview with Ronita, Vice President – Conferences (META) at IDC, we gained fascinating insights into the upcoming IDC Saudi Arabia CIO Summit 2023. Ronita shed light on the event’s inspiration, what attendees can expect in terms of content and speakers, unique networking opportunities, and compelling reasons to attend this prestigious gathering.

What is the inspiration behind this year’s IDC Saudi Arabia CIO Summit? And what will the major talking points be?

This year’s 13th edition of the IDC Saudi Arabia CIO Summit will take place under the theme ‘Enabling the Digital Economy’s Leaders’, with a focus on providing organizations with the essential guidance they require to keep up with the ongoing shift toward a digital economy. 

The agenda will combine keynote speeches, informative presentations, and dedicated CIO-led panel discussions, as expert speakers share first-hand insights into the very latest tech innovations and discuss pressing issues such as sustainability, hybrid cloud, AIOps strategies and practices, generated AI, cybersecurity, CX, and much more. 

Given the unprecedented acceleration of Saudi Arabia’s digital economy, this year’s Summit will provide a timely platform for bringing the Kingdom’s most prominent IT executives together to explore the future possibilities that are reshaping the tech realm.

Who can we expect to hear from during the event?

The IDC Saudi Arabia CIO Summit 2023 will host the Kingdom’s most influential tech leaders, with more than 50 respected industry speakers sharing their expertise and invaluable insights. 

The event will also host IDC’s CIO Advisory Council for Saudi Arabia whose members include some of the region’s most respected ICT experts. IDC thought leaders will share their insights including Jyoti Lalchandani (Group VP & Regional Managing Director for META), Meredith Whalen (Chief Research Office), Thomas Meyer (General Manager & Group VP of European Research), Ranjit Rajan (VP Research META), and Hamza Naqshbandi (Associate VP in Saudi Arabia & Bahrain). 

With a particular focus on networking and collaboration, what unique features can attendees expect from this year’s Summit? 

The unique format of the Summit allows attendees to participate in interactive sessions and hands-on workshops. There will also be unparalleled networking opportunities, with one-on-one meetings and dedicated networking breaks taking place throughout the event. Attendees will also get a chance to have exclusive time with our esteemed Advisor Council members. 

For those who might be interested in attending, what compelling reasons would you offer to convince them to participate in this year’s summit?

We promise a truly extraordinary experience at this year’s IDC Saudi Arabia CIO Summit, with unrivaled collaboration, knowledge sharing, and tech innovation all meeting in one place. Explore the new world of the digital economy, meet industry experts, peer to peer meetings, and engage with leading tech brands on your shortlist. The agenda will incorporate a series of fascinating presentations, dedicated CIO led panel sessions.  There will also be a special guest speaker, Raha Moharrak, who carved her name in history as both the youngest Arab and first Saudi woman to climb Mount Everest. Her achievements align perfectly with the spirit of transformation that drives the summit, and her presence will inspire you to reach new heights in your own digital journey.

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