Free games from Epic Games Store that gamers can enjoy

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By Nilanjan Dey

When it comes to gaming, it is believed that a certain investment is required to play the best games out there. But what if you can’t invest right now or don’t want to. Then the games store has options available for you. Just like google play store and steam store which have a collection of free games for anyone, Epic games store also has a collection of free games that players can play.

Here are some of the games that are available for free:


The Battle-royale game is a hit with the gamers with features allowing players to loot, craft, have shootouts and complete chaos among 100 players. The game gets updates in the form of seasons and has released up to 21 seasons improving the game in its course.

League of Legends

The famous multiplayer RGP action game that got Imagine Dragons and kpop band K/DA to make songs related to the story arcs of the hundreds of Characters that can be played in the 5v5 battle. The game has become so big among players that there is big esports event held worldwide. Recently it got an animated series on Netflix called ‘Arcane’.

The Cycle: Frontier

It’s a survival game against fellow players and monsters within the game on a desolate planet where resources need to be gathered or can be looted.


With around 13 million active players, Valorant is another hit Battle-Royale game that has got gamers hooked with its extensive foray giving players tactical abilities, skills and fantastic teamwork.

Rocket League

The game is famous for its unique gameplay as players drive cars or modified buggies to play football. It has seen an all-time high of around 146,000 players in 2020.


Created by Digital Extremes, the action RPG shooter gives a thriller storyline to players with options of multiplayer and co-op available.

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