Gamers in the Middle East and Africa Get a Power Up

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At the LEAP 2024 event held in Saudi Arabia from March 4th to 7th, Schneider Electric, a renowned global provider of energy management and automation solutions, unveiled its latest innovation – the Back-UPS Pro Gaming UPS, tailored specifically to meet the needs of dedicated gamers in the Middle East and Africa.

Designed to seamlessly integrate into any gaming setup and prolong the lifespan of gaming equipment, this innovative uninterruptible power supply (UPS) addresses the evolving demands of the gaming community in the region.

With the gaming industry experiencing exponential growth, projections indicate that Saudi Arabia’s gaming market will reach $1.6 billion by 2027, creating approximately 39,000 job opportunities. Currently, there are over 23 million gamers in Saudi Arabia, constituting around 67% of the country’s population.

Mouna Essa-Egh, Vice President of Secure Power, MEA, at Schneider Electric, emphasized the importance of providing reliable and innovative solutions to enhance the gaming experience. She stated, “The launch of the Back-UPS Pro Gaming UPS in the Middle East and Africa demonstrates our commitment to meeting the needs of gamers by introducing a product that combines user-friendly features and power protection, tailored to resonate with the region’s vibrant gaming community.”

Recognizing the significant role of the gaming sector in Saudi Arabia’s economy, Essa-Egh highlighted its remarkable growth driven by factors such as increasing internet penetration, a youthful population, and rising disposable incomes. She emphasized that this growth aligns with the country’s objective of becoming a leader in the entertainment industry, empowering young individuals, and fostering new career opportunities.

The Back-UPS Pro Gaming UPS not only caters to the passion for gaming but also contributes to professional development and community building among gamers. It offers several key benefits tailored to the region’s gaming enthusiasts:

– Tailored Design: Featuring customizable RGB LEDs and a sleek aesthetic, the UPS seamlessly integrates with any gaming setup.

– Reliable Protection: With sine wave output, sensitive gaming equipment remains powered during unexpected outages, safeguarding progress and preventing data loss.

– Enhanced Monitoring: The patented reactor circle and LED indicators provide real-time system information, allowing gamers to stay focused on the game.

– Extended Connectivity: Even after shutting down the gaming PC, the UPS keeps routers powered, enabling gamers to stay connected for online communication or mobile entertainment.

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