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Here are all your questions answered about HUAWEI nova 8

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So you’ve heard about the all-new beautiful camera phone – the HUAWEI nova 8 – but aren’t sure when it will hit shop shelves in the UAE, what features it will have, and how you’ll utilize some of these capabilities? So, here are the answers to all of your questions.

What makes the design of the HUAWEI nova 8 remarkable?

The HUAWEI nova 8 will initially strike your eye with its attractive appearance, echoing the on-the-go manner of youthful customers! For functionality and aesthetics, the HUAWEI nova 8 has a curved glass design on both the front and back, with tactile buttons on the side. The phone comes in a beautiful Blush Gold colour and has a great grip and a perfect fit in your palm.

How is the camera like on the HUAWEI nova 8?

The HUAWEI nova 8 has a strong AI quad-camera system that includes a 64MP HD main camera, an 8MP Ultra-Wide angle camera, a 2MP Macro camera, and a 2MP Bokeh camera, all of which allow you to shoot vividly crisp photographs and movies. It is capable of capturing greater detail in crystal-clear clarity whether during the day or at night thanks to Huawei’s remarkable 4-in-1 light fusion technology. You’ll also get some amazing features to help you enhance your films. Dual-View Video is enabled by the HUAWEI nova 8’s main camera and ultra wide angle camera on the back.

One is in charge of capturing the entire scene, while the other is utilised for close-up pictures, giving your videos a playful feel. Selfies with your buddies are going to play a significant role when it comes to capturing your own unique experiences. The HUAWEI nova 8 32MP High-res Front Camera helps you and your friends appear great in every selfie. It also has a Super Night Selfie Mode that enhances facial conditions and boosts backdrop details automatically. Furthermore, the sophisticated built-in AI technology efficiently reduces flares from glasses, ensuring that you look great even at night.

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How fast can the battery of the HUAWEI nova 8 be charged?

Nobody enjoys having to charge their phone every now and then when it runs out of power in the middle of the day! Huawei recognised this and included the HUAWEI nova 8 with a 66W HUAWEI SuperCharge fast charging system. The HUAWEI nova 8 can be fully charged in 15 minutes and fully charged in 35 minutes.

The display of the HUAWEI nova 8 is astonishing, is that true?

Yes, it is correct. The HUAWEI nova 8 also has a curved OLED screen with small bezels and superb image clarity, as well as a refresh rate of 90Hz. The updated 6.57-inch OLED 90Hz curved screen provides 1.07 billion colours for a more immersive and enjoyable viewing experience than ever before.

What are the cool features that can be found on the HUAWEI nova 8?

The HUAWEI nova 8 can be connected to a PC via Multi-screen Collaboration to create a powerful Super Device. Users can open up to three windows on the PC once connected, and the PC can access mobile files while the smartphone acts as a thumb device for the PC, making cross-device file management easier than ever.

The HUAWEI WATCH 3 | 3 Pro earbuds were released alongside the HUAWEI nova 8. Both devices have Super Device features that users can use: They can order food or a taxi directly from their HUAWEI nova 8 (compatible with selected applications only), and they will receive immediate status updates regarding their HUAWEI WATCH 3 | 3 Pro without the need to constantly juggle the two devices.

The HUAWEI nova 8 is powered by EMUI 12, a smart and seamless user interface. On the HUAWEI nova 8, you’ll find a large collection of high-quality apps to download in the reliable, innovative, and secure AppGallery.

Taking high-quality images is as simple as pointing and clicking with Huawei’s newest mid-range camera phone, and the system will handle the rest. You won’t have to worry about battery life because of the fast charging speeds, and the flawless display and sleek and futuristic features make this mid-ranger a must-have right now.


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