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Here’s what Linksys has to say on the importance of WiFi and Security

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By Amanulla Khan, Managing Director – Middle East, Turkey & Africa, Linksys

Importance of WiFi

Before 2020, connectivity was one of the key consumer focus   so long as people could continue with their daily routines. That changed in 2020; we saw a big shift in our consumers’ wants and needs due to people working at home more often, and in some cases full time. With many home networks incapable of supporting the requirements of what is essentially corporate usage, frustrations arose during working hours – which prompted many within the work from home (WFH) community to explore options for improving their home connectivity experience.

As technology leaders, we can confidently say that people today are more educated about WiFi than ever before. There has been a huge change in the kind of products that people are investing in. This is because they are spending more time researching relevant technology so that they can make the right investment for their needs. We have seen this reflected in increased mesh network sales.

Importance of Security

People are more aware of online security and potential exposure to risk now, especially with everyone, adults and students alike, spending a lot more time online for work and education. Parents, in particular, are worried about their children’s online time, with screen time having double or even tripled in the past year. The need to increase online protection has led people to ask more questions about their current security and how best to upgrade it. This has become the main focus in creating highly secure home WiFi environments. The response to the launch of our two-factor authentication solution was phenomenal because it ticks all the right boxes to give consumers a protected and secure home network that will only allow authorized devices to connect.


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